"It's the little details that are vital. 

Little things make big things happen." John Wooden

 When Braselton became my home, I did not have the desire to run for public office.  But when I saw an onslaught of developers/outsiders repeatedly attempt to avert the Braselton Development Code, I realized these outsiders were preparing me for just that. As those in my neighborhood and the community saw that I had no potential for conflict interest, along with my dedication to high quality development, my willingness to work with and listen to others, and my diligence toward encouraging smart development, they told me I was ready for public office.  It was my passion for keeping high standards in Braselton that prepared me to run for the District 1 seat on the Town Council. 

With your support, my chance is here; my time has come.

I am committed to the community of Braselton.

  I aspire for Braselton to be a place that families love to call home, 

a community where our children return to raise their own families for generations to come.  As our town develops and its borders expand, my service will be dedicated to growth that is reflective of the quality of life our citizens expect. 


I pledge my commitment to the execution of Braselton’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Maps.

 These plans were intentionally created to serve as a blueprint for the present and future. Braselton deserves to be a community where citizens can travel by foot, bike, or golf cart to our favorite shops, restaurants, trails, and parks/green spaces.  Creating a community with quality development will attract businesses and residents for years to come.  The Comp Plan assures smart development that will continue to protect the Braselton community. Our undeveloped land will one day house subdivisions, commercial development, schools, parks, and green space. It is inherent upon us to protect our community from the unintended consequences of poor planning within the Braselton community. 

Note: Links to the Comp Plan and Land Use Maps are at the bottom of this page.

I have witnessed the impact of poor community planning.

 As a 15+ year Fayette County resident, I observed first-hand the governance of elected officials who were instrumental in the development and preservation of a planned community. Peachtree City remains a revered community with local leadership that adheres to a comprehensive plan that compliments the high quality lifestyle. In comparison, a neighboring city in the same county, Fayetteville, suffered for years from a lack of attention to zoning and rezoning, resulting in development that negatively affected the citizens’ quality of life and includes unbearable traffic and overcrowded schools. Fayetteville is turning the corner with the revitalization of their downtown district and is working to focus on other areas of the city. Braselton has a similar opportunity to determine its fate.   

As a Braselton Town Council Representative, I will be a strong advocate for live, work, play communities and Smart Growth for Braselton!   

Links to:

2015 Braselton Comprehensive Plan: https://www.braselton.net/document_center/Planning/Planning%20Docs/2015-Braselton-Comprehensive-Plan-Update.pdf

Existing and Future Land Use Maps on pages 13-15: https://www.braselton.net/document_center/Planning/Planning%20Docs/2015-Braselton-Comprehensive-Plan-Update.pdf

Zoning Map: https://www.braselton.net/document_center/Planning/Planning%20Docs/zoning2018_12_10.pdf



There have been quite a few questions asking "Where Do I Vote?" and  "When Can I Vote?"


 Voting Details for the Braselton Election is as follows:  

 NOTE! NOTE! NOTE!:  If you reside in Hall, Barrow or Gwinnett Counties: You CANNOT vote for the Braselton Election at your county Early or Election Day precincts.  In addition, on Election Day if you reside in Jackson County, you CANNOT vote in the Braselton Election at your West Jackson County Precinct.   

To vote in the Town of Braselton Election in Hall, Barrow, Gwinnett or Jackson, you MUST GO to one of the following locations: 

Early Voting: 

Monday, October 14th- Friday, October 25th (excluding weekends)  at 441 Gordon Street in Downtown Jefferson from 8 am-5 pm

Monday, October 28 through Friday, November 1st Voting will no longer take place in Jefferson and will move to the  Community Room at the Police and Municipal Court Building  at 5040 Hwy 53 in Downtown Braselton from 8 am-5 pm  

Election Day: Tuesday, November 5th  Community Room at the Police and Municipal Court Building  at 5040 Hwy 53 in Downtown Braselton from 7 am-7pm