I am running for Town Council District 1

 The majority of District 1 falls within Jackson County, with the exception of a portion of the Mulberry Park Community which is a combination of Jackson, Barrow, Hall and Gwinnett counties.


How do I know if I am in Braselton Town Council District 1, your District? 

Click on the following link and District 1 is highlighted in RED. 

Zoom in to locate and confirm which district your residence lies.

Still not clear whether your residence is located in District 1? 

Click here and go to the "My Voter Page" on the Secretary of State's Website.

Go to "MVP Log In", enter your information, click "submit" and scroll down to "Your Elected Officials". Under "City Council", it will determine your Braselton Town District. 




There have been quite a few questions asking "Where Do I Vote?" and  "When Can I Vote?"

Voting Details for the Braselton Election is as follows:

If you reside in Hall, Barrow or Gwinnett Counties: You CANNOT vote for the Braselton Election at your county Early or Election Day precincts.  In addition, on Election Day if you reside in Jackson County, you CANNOT vote in the Braselton Election at your West Jackson County Precinct.

To vote in the Town of Braselton Election in Hall, Barrow, Gwinnett or Jackson, you MUST GO to one of the following locations: 

Early Voting: 

Monday, October 14th- Friday, October 25th (excluding weekends)
at 441 Gordon Street in Downtown Jefferson from 8 am-5 pm

Monday, October 28 through Friday, November 1st
Voting will no longer take place in Jefferson and will move to the
Community Room at the Police and Municipal Court Building
at 5040 Hwy 53 in Downtown Braselton from 8 am-5 pm  

Election Day: Tuesday, November 5th
Community Room at the Police and Municipal Court Building
at 5040 Hwy 53 in Downtown Braselton from 7 am-7pm  


If you reside in Gwinnett, Hall or Barrow & don’t know where your county voting precinct is located, please go to “My Voter Page” on the Sec of State Website. Enter your information and “submit” for details.

NOTE: You cannot vote for the Braselton Election at these Early and Election Day County Precincts!

3 Ways to Vote in the Town of Braselton Election

 1. By Absentee/Advance Ballot
2. During Early Voting October 15th through
November 1st
3. On Election Day on Tuesday, November 5th



JUST Click HERE to get started, its easy!

  Absentee/advance ballots are an easy way for registered voters to have a ballot mailed to their home address, complete the ballot it in the comfort of their own home and simply drop it their mailbox once complete! 

There is NO WAITING in line to vote and/or need to worry that you won’t have time to vote in person!  Absentee ballots will be mailed out by the registrar sometime on October 15th or later. Your completed ballot must be mailed and arrive in the Elections office no later than Tuesday, November 5th. Please be sure to mail it no later than October 31st, to ensure it arrives on time to make your vote count! 


Want to bypass requesting an absentee/advance voting application online and request a paper/hard copy of the absentee/advance voting application?  Please email and we will arrange to get an application form to you!


Are You Registered to Vote?

 The deadline to register to vote is October 7th!

Am I Registered to Vote?  

For all counties, click here to go to "My Voter Page" on the Secretary of State's Website.  Go to "MVP Log In", enter your information, click "submit". Under “Voter Information” review “Status” and “Registration Date” to verify if you are an active voter.

I Need to Register to Vote?  Click here!


Is my address current, so I can vote?

 Is My Address Current?

 If you haven't voted in a recent election and/or have had a change of address and aren't certain your address is up to date, click this link for  the "My Voter Page" on the Secretary of State's Website  Go to "MVP Log In", enter your information, click "submit" and your address will be listed under "Voter Information".


What if my address is not current?

For all counties, once you click this link, scroll down past “how to register to vote” and you will see “Change of Residence” for more information on how to update your address. 

Note: If you have moved outside the county in which you are registered to vote in excess of 30 days prior to an election, you have lost your eligibility to vote in the county of your old residence. You must register to vote in your new county of residence and in turn, you  will be assigned a new voting precinct and polling location. Remember, if you don't register to vote by the deadline on October 7th, you cannot vote in this  particular election.